Omi A. Remalante Jr.
Omi Remalante
Comic Book Colorist -Artist

Omi Remalante

Comic Book Colorist -Artist


About Me

My name is Omi Remalante Jr. Born and raised in Manila, Philippines. My passion for comic books goes a long way starting at the early age of 5.

I have worked with several independent titles such as Zenescope Entertainment's Grimm Fairy Tales #80, Robyn Hood #4, a Marvel Comic's digital comic project with Whilce Portacio, X-box': Alan Wake, OZ Wonderland chronicles to name a few.

I meet deadlines, spot on and always professional material. Hire me, I won't disappoint you.

I'm the all around artist you need. Why look elsewhere?

Happy browsing!

For commissions and pricing, feel free to e-mail me at

Contact Info

For commissions, please send me a note thru or you can e-mail me at:
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